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Improving Kidney Function, Kidney Failure

Improving kidney function and healing from kidney failure is VERY possible!  How do we know?  Because so many of our clients with kidney function problems begin to heal.  In as little as 5 weeks, their physicians have told them that they no longer need dialysis and EPO shots.  Indeed, helping people heal from kidney failure is very possible.  There is proof that it is possible below.

Robert Butler - Before & After
“I am doing so well that my doctor doesn’t even
mention dialysis anymore!”
Robert Butler, Age 93, Heathesville, Virginia 


Improving Kidney Function: Proof of Cleansing the Blood & Cells

Blood Cels Before DetoxBlood Cels After DetoxThe “BEFORE” picture is a picture of the blood of a person just before the total body cleanse process. The cloudiness represents the toxins.  The “AFTER” picture was taken immediately after the total body cleanse process was finished. Notice that the cloudiness is gone. Indeed, the process removed the toxins from both the blood and the cells.

Yes, our total body cleanse process allows the body to clean the cells of the blood.  This process actually allows the removal of toxins from the cells of all the organs of the body.  Therefore, it cleans the cells of the kidneys too. This is absolutely wonderful!

Research has shown that ammonia, mercury and many harmful substances are among the toxins removed by the total body cleanse process.  Yes, this is similar to what dialysis accomplishes.  However there is a major difference.  With this process, the harmful substances damaging the kidneys are also removed!  Don’t just let your kidneys fester and get worse and worse until they have to be removed.  You can actually cleanse them.  Then you can give them the nutrients they need to help them heal.  Schedule your primary wellness consultation and start helping them work towards functioning normally again!


Gardening in a Flower Bed

“I am feeling great.
I can get out into the yard again and everything!”

Alfreda H. Age 45 Gordonsville, Virginia


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