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Toxin Dumping Mode

Time to dump the toxins!

What is toxin dumping mode?

When a person does a process such as the total body detoxification, the body will release or “dump” the toxins. It appears that when this is done a few times close together, the body realizes that it no longer has to store and hide the toxins. Instead, it seems that the body begins to actively dump toxins into the bloodstream to be removed from the body.  We call this “toxin dumping mode.”

How are toxins removed from my body?

Your body makes every attempt to remove the toxins that you are exposed to via your urine and feces. At times, the pores of your body and your lungs can become backup sources to help remove the toxins.  This is a normal part of life and happens without much assistance from you.  It is important to making sure that your body has all of the nutrients needed to help remove toxins effectively.  It is also important to drink enough water to help rinse the toxins from your body.   Finally, you must consume enough fiber to help flush the toxins from your colon ensuring that this process proceeds properly.

Total Body Detox, AfterThere are some toxins such as mercury and nicotine that our bodies are not effective at removing.  Optimum Health’s Total Body Detoxification Process unlocks the cells allowing them to release their toxins through the pores of your feet.  The toxins are collected in the water where they clump together and get big enough for you to see.

Can I detox regularly without entering toxin dumping mode?

Yes, you can. Typically, this means detoxing no more than once every 4-8 weeks. Waiting at least 4-8 weeks between each detox will cause your body to “forget” that it just detoxed. As a result, your body should not go into toxin dumping mode. Your qualified detoxification professional can monitor you symptoms and help you decide if you can detox every 4 weeks or if you need to wait longer between your detoxes. Remember, doing your detoxes too close together may put you into toxin dumping mode.



When should toxin dumping mode be entered?

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