Pain After Detoxing

Kidney Pain Referred to Back

There is no pain after detoxing with the ionic foot bath when the process is done correctly. If you are experiencing pain, discuss it with your qualified detoxification specialist or one of Optimum Health’s staff members..

Why Do I Have Pain After Detoxing?

Total Body Cleanse DetoxYes, you might have pain after detoxing with the ionic foot bath if the process is not done correctly.  This can happen for several reason. If you do not help your body clear the toxins properly, they may sit near the organs that released them and may cause pain or other symptoms determined by the type of toxins present.

If you are not doing the ionic foot bath as often as your certified detoxification specialist has indicate, you can have pain or other symptoms. Why? Simple. Once you enter toxin dumping mode, your body will begin to actively dump toxins into your blood stream. The toxins build up to higher and higher levels when they are not removed often enough. Once the levels get high enough, problems begin to occur. Once again, the problems you experience will depend on the type of toxin that is building up in your blood stream and organs.

If you do not drink enough water to flush your kidneys and help your body clear toxins during the 48 hours after you have a detox, you could experience pain.

Where Does Pain After Detoxing Usually Occur?

Organs begin to signal pain when the toxins sit in or near them. Therefore, you might experience:

Joint PainJoint Pain After An Ionic Detox Foot Bath

You may have pain in any or all of your joints if you released toxins from your joints during your foot bath. It might literally feel as if someone is trying to rip your toe off. Remember, your body may continue to release toxins for 48 hours after you take your feet out of the water. If you allow these toxins to sit in your joints, they can bring an immense amount of pain to your joints.  MORE INFO ON JOINTS AND DETOXING



Kidney Pain Referred to Back

Lower Back Pain After An Ionic Detox Foot Bath

You might feel pain after an ionic foot bath in your lower back when the is cleansing the kidneys. The kidneys will refer pain to the lower back when they are irritated. Allowing the toxins to sit and build up in the kidneys can most definitely lead to lower back pain.  MORE INFO ON THE KIDNEYS AND DETOXING


HeadacheHead Pain After An Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Headaches and/or migraines) are often experienced when the toxins are allowed to just sit in your head/brain. Mercury is especially good at causing migraines when it is allowed to sit in the brain because you are not doing the ionic foot bath often enough. MORE INFORMATION ON MERCURY IN THE BRAIN

Abdominal Pain


Pain In Your Abdominal Area After An Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Pain in your abdominal area can be caused by the bladder or colon being irritated by the toxins that are not being removed fast enough. This type of pain can feel like you have a bad case of gas. However, there is no gas to pass or passing the gas does not seem to decrease the pain.  In these cases, it is important to work with a detoxification specialist trained in ensuring quick passage of toxic waste.


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