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Pain After Detoxing

Pain after detoxing occurs when the process is not done correctly. If you are experiencing pain after detoxing with the ionic foot bath, discuss it with a qualified detoxification specialist.  Of course, Optimum Health’s staff members are more than willing to discuss this with you.  In the meantime, the information below may be helpful..

Why Does Pain After Detoxing Occur?

Kidney Pain Referred to BackPain after detoxing can happen if you do not help your body clear the toxins properly after the detox is over.  Your body can continue to release toxins for up to 48 hours after you take your feet out of the water.  Not clearing the toxins properly can cause them to sit near the organs that released them and cause pain in various parts of your body or other symptoms determined by the type of toxins present.  Pain in the kidneys is referred to the sides of the lower back as depicted in the picture.

You have to drink enough water to flush your kidneys and help your body clear toxins during the 48 hours after you have a detox.  If you fail to do this, you could experience severe pain due to kidney irritation.

DermChel+ EquipmentFinally, if you are not doing the ionic foot bath as often as your certified detoxification specialist has indicated, the toxins can build up.  Why? Simple. Once you enter toxin dumping mode, your body will begin to actively dump toxins into your blood stream.  Your certified detoxification specialist will train your body to dump the toxins according to a schedule.  When you skip detox appointments, the toxins are released and just sit in your blood because you did not allow the detox equipment to remove the toxins.  Therefore, the toxins build up Feet and Ankles Swollento higher and higher levels when they are not removed often enough. Once the levels get high enough, problems begin to occur. Once again, the problems you experience will depend on the type of toxin that is building up in your blood stream and organs.  This can cause swellling in the feet and ankles as well as other symptoms.  For example, when mercury builds up in the blood stream it causes head pain such as headaches and migraines, as well as muscle pain.  It also causes dizziness, obesity, increased blood pressure and more.



Where Does Pain After Detoxing Usually Occur?

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