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Hair Analysis for Heavy Metal Poisoning

Collecting Hair SampleAnalyzing clean hair for heavy metal poisoning provides a blueprint of exposure occurring during a specific period.  It is the period of time it takes for hair to grow and develop.  Take lead poisoning, for example, after a month or so it may no longer be detected in your blood.  Why?  Because lead is too harmful to allow it to stay in your blood, so your body will hide it away in the bone marrow.  But the hair analysis for heavy metal poisoning can continue to show that exposure.  In fact, the hair from the exposure period will always show the exposure.  New hair growing in will only contain lead if you continue to be exposed to lead.  Therefore, hair analysis for heavy metal poisoning gives you a nice blueprint of exposure.

A Healthy HeartToxic heavy metal poisoning can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, depression, impaired memory, tumors and much more.  Heavy metal poisoning can affect your heart and muscles making it essential to know what you are carrying around inside of you.  Optimum Health’s hair analysis for heavy metal poisoning is performed by Trace Elements’ Laboratory.  This hair analysis report can help you monitor your levels of uranium, cadmium, mercury and lead.  It can also help you monitor your levels of aluminum, beryllium and arsenic.  These are all listed below in the pink area of the sample hair analysis report.  The blue area of the report has the essential nutrients/elements needed by the body.  Finally, the green area has the optional nutrients/elements.

Sample of Full Hair Analysis Report

Hair Analysis Front


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