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Increased Systolic Blood Pressure and Thick Blood

Before delving into increased systolic blood pressure (systolic hypertension)  and thick blood, let’s get some background information covered.  Your systolic blood pressure is the pressure in the heart and blood vessels when the heart squeezes/pumps.  It is written as the top number of your blood pressure.  For example, the 90 of a blood pressure of 90/70 indicates an excellent systolic blood pressure.   The 135 of a blood pressure of 135/80 indicates high systolic blood pressure (systolic hypertension).  In this case, a physician may recommend medicine.  A systolic blood pressure of 180 can indicate an emergency situation.  When your systolic blood pressure is significantly elevate while the bottom number of your blood pressure is normal, it is called split systolic hypertension.   Consider the oatmeal analogy to better understand what might be happening with split systolic hypertension.

The Oatmeal Analogy for High Systolic Blood Pressure

In this analogy, the oats represent the cells and other things floating in your blood.  The water used to cook the oatmeal represents the liquid (serum) portion of your blood.  First, let’s cook the oatmeal adding the the maximum amount of water allowed for the pan, Increased Systolic Blood Pressure: The Oatmeal Analogyand then add the correct amount of oats.  What happens when you turn the pan upside down? The oatmeal falls to the floor.  Why?  Because the force of gravity is strong enough to pull the oatmeal from the pan.

Increased Systolic Blood Pressure: The Oatmeal AnalogyNow, let’s cook the oatmeal adding the maximum amount of water again.  This time, let’s put too many oats in the pan.  The oatmeal is now sticking up out of the pan.  What happens when you turn the pan upside down? The oatmeal will not run out of the bowl.  Why?  Because gravity is not strong enough to pull the thick oatmeal from the pan.

Increased Systolic Blood Pressure: The Oatmeal AnalogyFinally, let’s cook the oatmeal adding the maximum amount of water again.  This time, let’s put twice as many oats as instructed.  All of the oatmeal may not get wet!  What happens when you turn the pan upside down? The dry oatmeal will fall out but the rest of the oatmeal will not fall out of the pan.  Why?  Because gravity is not strong enough to pull the thick oatmeal from the bowl.

Thinking of the oatmeal helps understand what happens with your blood.  When you drink enough water and you have the proper amount of things in your blood, your blood is as thin as it should be.  When the heart squeezes and pushes the blood up into a large blood vessel called the aorta seen in the picture below.  Gravity can easily pull the blood down out of the aorta where the aorta bends (aortic arch).   However, if you have too many things in your blood your blood can end up too thick.  In this case, the heart must work harder using increased pressure to push the thick blood into the aorta.  Also, gravity is unable to pull the thick blood down out of the aorta where the aorta bends.Increased Systolic Blood Pressure: Bend of the Aorta

Thick Blood & Increased Blood Pressure

The heart using increased pressure to push and squeeze the blood into the aorta is synonymous to increased or high systolic blood pressure (systolic hypertension).  Since gravity is not strong enough to pull thickened blood down out of the aorta, the muscles of the blood vessels have to begin squeezing to push the blood down.  The muscles have to keep squeezing to help push the blood all the way down to your feet.  Each time these muscles squeeze, they increase the pressure inside the blood vessels.  If the extra pressure exerted by the heart and muscles of the blood vessels increases enough, you develop what is diagnosed as high blood pressure.  With this in mind, think about what it would take to decrease this increased or high blood pressure.  It would simply be a matter of thinning the thick blood.  This is why doctors will prescribe alpha and beta channel blockers like Cardura and Lopressor.   These medicines can be an excellent way to control your blood pressure while you try to get to the core of the problem.

Eliminating Increased Systolic Blood Pressure

Based on what you just read above, wouldn’t removing the extra things in your blood be a good way to deal with the core problem?  You may be thinking, “What extra things?” or “How do I remove the extra thing?”  Don’t worry, we’ll cover that next.

What Are the Extra Things that Can End Up in the Blood?

The extra things in the blood can fall into many categories.  For example, medicines and their by-products can be one category of extra things in the blood when a person is on many different prescriptions.  Heavy metals are another category consisting of mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum and more.  Microbes such are viri, fungi and bacteria form another category.

How Do I Remove the Extra Things?

At Optimum Health, we recommend two main ways to remove the extra things in the blood…total body cleanses and the TENS unit.  Total body cleanses gives your body an opportunity release unwanted substances from your blood through the pores of your feet.  The TENS unit is like putting microbes into the electric chair.  Once killed, the microbes are easily removed from the blood by the body.

Success Removing Extra things with Total Body Cleanse

During the total body cleanse process, we actually take the blood pressure of clients with hypertension every half hour of their two hour cleanse.  We have seen client’s systolic hypertension blood pressures go from 165/80 to 158/80 to 138/75 and finally to 125/75.  One 82 year old client was in the hospital with the doctors trying to regulate her blood pressure for several days.  The physicians were not able to get it to go below 149/109.  The physicians were shown her blood pressures taken every 30 minutes during her total body cleanses over the course of six months.  They were impressed at how well the equipment kept her systolic blood pressure in the normal range.  As a result, they requested that our equipment be brought to the hospital and used.  The equipment dropped her blood pressure to 123/75 in 30 minutes and to 122/63 after an hour.
Some may wonder why her blood pressure was still spiking after doing the total body cleanses for 6 months.  Her body had extremely large amounts of heavy metals.  The equipment, used under strict observation by our practitioner, was allowing her body to slowly release the heavy metals in a controlled manner.  She would have to continue the slow release until her heavy metal load dropped to levels too low to affect her blood pressure.


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