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Coronavirus Exposure Survival

Coronavirus Exposure Survival

Coronavirus exposure can be quite intimidating!  Not to worry…you can drastically increase your chances of making it through it by following a few simple steps.

Eggs, good for you!

Strengthening Your Immune System to Fight the Coronavirus

We regularly suggest eating at least 3 eggs and a bowl of beans with ground, hulled sesame seeds added every day.  Doing so can give your immune system all of the essential amino acids needed to keep it nice and strong.  A strong immune system is critical to fight the coronavirus easily.  You may need digestive enzymes to help you properly break down the protein in these foods into their amino acid components so you can actually use these foods to fight the coronavirus.  If so we recommend a good quality digestive enzyme that contains protease, the enzyme that breaks down protein.

No SodaKeeping your body at its desired pH  of approximately 7.3 is a part of supercharging your immune system as well.  When your pH is close to neutral, your immune system can move quickly to eliminate the coronavirus.  At the same time, the coronavirus moves slowly if at all.  This is the perfect situation to overcome the virus.  However, having your body too acidic or too alkaline can cause your immune system to move slowly while the germs you encounter are able to move quickly, multiplying and taking over your body.  Therefore, avoid sodas and other extremely acidic beverages.  Only drink alkaline water if you have tested your pH and found it to be acidic.  In this case only drink enough alkaline water to raise your pH back up to approximately 7.3.  Continuing to drink the alkaline water after your pH returns to approximately 7.3 can cause your immune system to weaken.

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Additional Protection From the Coronavirus

HandwashingSafe DistancingFollow all mandates by the CDC and other authorities for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine.  Currently, this includes washing your hands regularly and staying home for at least two weeks.   Keep in mind that though your immune system might be strong enough to overcome the coronavirus, the people around you may have weak immune systems.  Therefore, avoid other family members and practice safe distancing while in your home under quarantine.  This is crucial regardless of how strong your immune system might be or how young you are or how awesome you feel at this point.

GarglingUNG X-RAY WITH DOCTORGargling twice a day with an antiseptic mouthwash is also extremely important.  This can drastically decrease the amount of germs in the back of your throat near the opening to your lungs.  Keeping this area as close to germ-free as possible will help keep the coronavirus from entering your lungs.  It will also help keep your exhaled breath from sending so much of the coronavirus to the other people in your home.   This is crucial as it is the lung infection that seems to be the major cause of death among coronavirus victims.

In the case of coronavirus exposure, it is a good idea to discuss your situation with your primary care physician.  They will be able to help you know if additional steps should be taken.


Tracking the Coronavirus


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