Hair Analysis

hair analysis - collecting the hair sample

Hair analysis of clean hair for minerals reveals a unique view inside your body at your cellular activity, which cannot be seen through most other tests.

Clinical confirmation has shown that this process can give information that can be vital.  Hair analysis can measure all of the following minerals that have been studied extensively and found to be essential for the function of your muscles, hormones, and much more.

 Calcium Sulfur  Chromium  Magnesium  Zinc
 Selenium  Sodium  Potassium  Boron  Potassium
 Iron  Cobalt  Copper  Manganese  Molybdenum

Though these minerals are essential, they can also become toxic if their levels become to high.  Hair analysis can be an important part of monitoring these minerals to help you to keep their levels just where they need to be.


Hair Analysis Includes Analysis of Additional Elements:

 Germanium  Rubidium  Platinum  Vanadium  Titanium
 Barium  Lithium  Thallium  Strontium  Tungsten
 Bismuth  Nickel  Iodine  Tin  Zirconium

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Hair Analysis For Toxic Heavy Metals

Analysis of clean hair for toxic heavy metals provides a blueprint of toxic heavy metal exposure occurring during a specific period of hair growth and development.  Take lead for example, after a month or so it may no longer be detected in your blood.  Why?  Because lead is too harmful to allow it to stay in your blood, so your body will hide it away in the bone marrow.  But the hair analysis can continue to show that exposure until you cut your hair enough times to cut away all of the section that showed the exposure. This gives you a nice blueprint of this toxic heavy metal exposure.

Since toxic heavy metals can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, depression, impaired memory, tumors and much more.  Other metals can affect your heart and muscles making it essential to know what you are carrying around inside of you.  Our hair analysis performed by Trace Elements Hair Analysis Laboratory can help you monitor all of the following toxic heavy metals.

 Antimony  Arsenic  Mercury  Lead  Uranium
 Beryllium  Cadmium  Aluminum


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Sample Hair Analysis


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