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 Washing hair for a hair analysis.Hair analysis should only be done on clean hair.  Otherwise, the test is a window into what you walked through or put on your hair.  When, in fact, what you need is a window into what you put into your body.  This is exactly what you get when you use clean hair.  Indeed, the analysis of clean hair for elements reveals a unique view inside your body at the cellular activity.  In fact, this view cannot be seen through most other tests.

Hair analysis can measure all of the following minerals that are essential for your muscles, hormones, and much more.

Traditional Nutritional Elements Assessed
 Calcium Sulfur  Chromium  Magnesium  Zinc
 Selenium  Sodium  Potassium  Boron  Potassium
 Iron  Cobalt  Copper  Manganese  Molybdenum

Though these minerals are essential, they can also become toxic if their levels get too high.  Thus, hair analysis should be used to monitor these minerals.   Actually, hair analysis can help you keep your mineral levels just where they need to be.


Hair Analysis Includes Analysis of Additional Elements:


Additional Elements Assessed
 Germanium  Rubidium  Platinum  Vanadium  Titanium
 Barium  Lithium  Thallium  Strontium  Tungsten
 Bismuth  Nickel  Iodine  Tin  Zirconium


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Hair Analysis For Toxic Heavy Metals

Hair analysis gives a blueprint of toxic heavy metal exposure occurring during a specific period of time.  In fact, it is the time it takes for hair to develop and grow approximately 1-2 inches.  This time period is about 3 months.

For example, lead is no longer detected in your blood after a month or so.  Why?  Because lead is too harmful to allow it to stay in your blood.  So, your body will hide it away in tissues like the hair and bone marrow.  The bone marrow will hold onto the lead for a very long time.  But, the hair will grow pushing the lead further and further down the hair shaft.  Eventually the portion of the hair with the lead will fall off or be cut off.  As a result, a blood test will not show the lead exposure after about a month.  Remember, the hair analysis can continue to show that exposure until that portion of your hair is removed.   Indeed, this allows the hair analysis to give you a nice blueprint of the toxic heavy metal exposure.

What is more, toxic heavy metals can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and depression.  Toxic heavy metals can also lead to an impaired memory and tumors.  While some toxic heavy metals can affect your heart and muscles.  This makes it essential to know what you are carrying around inside of you.  Our hair analysis is performed by Trace Elements Hair Analysis Laboratory.   Indeed, Trace Elements processes hair samples from all over the world.  Our hair analysis can help you monitor the following toxic heavy metals.


Toxic Elements Assessed
 Antimony  Arsenic  Mercury  Lead
 Uranium  Beryllium  Cadmium  Aluminum


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