Intestinal Flora Answers

Answers to the Intestinal Flora Quiz:

1. What is intestinal flora?    E) Both B & D.


B) Something that can cause you to become very constipated if you do not have it.
D) The bacteria and other good “germs” that line the inside of the intestinal wall.

2. Who has intestinal flora?   E)
Both B & D

B) All adults who have not destroyed it.
D) All children who have not destroyed it.


3. We are all born with intestinal flora.    B) False

We are born fairly sterile.


4. How does the intestinal flora get started?     E) All of the above.

A) From the good germs that a mother passes on to her baby when she kisses it.
From the good germs present when a baby puts its hands into its mouth.
From eating yogurt and other foods that contain good bacteria.
From the mother’s nipple and is nourished by the breast milk.

Once the intestinal flora begins to develop, it takes about three years to mature.  So, generally speaking, the flora is mature by the time a child is three years old.


5. The intestinal flora is responsible for all EXCEPT:   E) Drying out your stool so it will not be too runny.

The intestinal flora is actually responsible for keeping water in the intestines so the stool does NOT dry out too much.

6. Which are the things that can destroy your intestinal flora?   C) Prescription drugs, especially antibiotics
Some Patients First actually give instructions on how to replace the intestinal flora with certain prescriptions that will destroy the flora. 

7. To replace your intestinal flora, you should do all EXCEPT:   C) Eat plenty of meat because the bacteria in the intestinal flora thrive on meat.
Not quite the case!

8. How can you tell if your intestinal flora has been destroyed?   E) All of the above

A) Foul smelling breath in the morning
B) Passing foul smelling gas
C) Fewer than one bowel movement a day
D) Recurrent yeast infections

Yes, your breath should smell good BEFORE you use the mouth wash!  And you gas shouldn’t stink!


9. Which of the following foods are especially good for your intestinal flora?  E) A and B

A) Yogurt
B) Tempe
Each of these foods contain good microbes/good germs/bacteria and the supporting nutrients to keep them alive long enough to make it to your intestines where they can set up house and live.

10. Colloidal silver is just like any other antibiotic, it will destroy your intestinal flora
.   B) False

Colloidal silver is very different from other antibiotics.  It is actually an antimicrobial which means that it will kill a bacteria, a fungus and a virus.  However, it is selective.  It only kills the bad microbes that spin in the direction opposite to what we need to have our microbes spin.  Therefore, it is harmless to the good things that need to be in your intestinal flora and helps them out by killing the bad things that should not be there.


11. I can break down my food very nicely without having any intestinal flora.    B) False

The intestinal flora helps to break down things like lactose that is found in milk.  Without the intestinal flora to digest the lactose for you, you will have gas, bloating and cramping when you drink milk and be diagnosed as lactose intolerant.


12. Though I took antibiotics when I was a child, since I haven’t had any in a long time I know my intestinal flora is just fine.     B) False

At Optimum Health, we see people who have been struggling with constipation and other issues for 30 and 40 years because their intestinal flora was destroyed by antibiotics when they had surgery when they were younger.  Once the intestinal flora is replaced, they are shocked to find that they have regular bowel movements with no assistance and can drink milk with no problems!


13. If you destroy your intestinal flora, you do not have to worry about replacing it. Your body will replace it automatically.     B) False

Once destroyed, the intestinal flora has to be replaced by adding the microbes/bacteria/good germs and supporting them long enough to recolonize the intestines.

14. If antibiotics will destroy my intestinal flora, why didn’t my doctor mention it?   E) All except D

A) Being concerned about your intestinal flora is not your doctor’s job.
B) Though the medical training a doctor receives is extensive, they cannot be taught everything.
C) Many doctors are now aware of this, your doctor just hasn’t kept current.
D) Because antibiotics don’t destroy the intestinal flora.


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